Do you watch The Bachelor?

I'm a big fan of frivolous reality tv, and although I haven't been a loyal follower of The Bachelor, that may soon change. Apparently one of the ladies looking for a rose on the current season is a Pilates Instructor. Her name is Whitney Fransway, she seems like a nice girl.

While doing extensive research for this topic I came across multiple bios of the contestant, and along with being a Pilates instructor in Minnesota, she is also a model. Judging by her instagram, she is less Pilates instructor and more model in the recent months. But, she does in fact have a few posts that are Pilates-centric, and that is good enough for me.

I, for one, am stoked that millions of viewers will be exposed to the idea of Pilates. So many participants on reality shows have a 'day job' in fitness, but they are usually a personal trainer, spin instructor, yoga teacher, etc. It's about time Pilates gets in on the game! I know if I was in her shoes I would be doing Pilates in any way possibly whenever those cameras were rolling. Plus, I'm pretty sure it would up her chances of making it to the end.

Too bad there isn't a Pilates exercise called the rose. That would seal the deal.

#pilates #instructor #thebachelor #tv #realiytv #rose

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