The O.G. of Tighty-Whities

Before I get into the actual point of this post I want to clarify that I am not morphing this into an 'ABC', (Anything But Clothes), blog. I just felt like I needed to get that disclaimer out there. And shout-out to my friend Abby who helped to inspire this post.

So, let's talk about working out without clothes on. More specifically, exercising outside without clothing. It's not all that uncommon to see someone going for a jog in only a pair of shorts, or shorts and sports bra, IN WARM WEATHER. Who decides to dress like they are going for a run on the beach when it is clearly below freezing? And why?

Before I had Pilates in my life, the first assumption I would make is that a bet was lost. One of those, "OK Paul, your team lost the game, time to go for a run wearing only your wife's gym shorts."

My next assumption would have to be there is some sort of medical condition, whether it be physiological or mental, or both. I feel like if that is the case you should have something that symbolizes an informed decision was made.

But, thanks to Pilates, I can now rest easy when I see someone snowshoeing in their loincloth. Joe said, "By all means never fail to get all the sunshine and fresh air that you can." He believed that being outdoors in nature is good for you, that the fresh air and sun are vital to our health. I am totally on board with that, sunshine is some of the best medicine, and there is nothing like a breath of fresh air to put some spring in your step. Weather patterns aside and pollution aside, it's yours for the taking, you don't even need health insurance! Although that is a perfectly reasonable explanation for exercising outdoors, it does not address the lack of clothing.

It's not that Joe wanted to be the Fruit of the Loom spokesperson, it's about surface area, exposure and osmosis, (hello junior high math and science class). He would say, "Do not fear the cold of winter. Unless you are really chilly, do not exercise in sweatshirts or even in lighter clothing. Whenever and wherever possible, wear ‘shorts’ or sunsuits outdoors, and let the lifegiving ultraviolet rays reach and penetrate into every skin pore of your body." Makes total sense and explains why he's romping around in the snow, in his Tighty-Whities.

A good friend said it best, "He is the O.G., (original gangsta), of tighty-whities." HE sure is, and with good reason too. I don't anticipate that this concept will have the same effect as the Pilates Method did, but it's just another example of the genius of Joe Pilates. Or a very elaborate cover-up for a lost bet. We will never know...

For your viewing pleasure is a video that is a homage to Joe and this very concept, and perhaps some inspiration for another post!

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