Pull my...straps

Everyone sing along now;On the second day of fitness my instructor gave to me...two straps for pulling and a stretch while doing the tree.

Now that you just spent 5 minutes being mesmerized by the glistening tree let's talk pull straps. Not only do you get two straps for pulling, but there are two exercises, Pull Straps 1 and Pull straps 2. Talk about bang for your buck, you can't get deals like that at Wal-Mart.

So, what exactly are these Pulling Straps I speak of? They are a set of exercises that kick off the long box series on the reformer. On to the details...

Pull Straps 1: You start with your arms extended in front of you holding onto the straps, pull down and back to stretch your chest forward, (NOT up). Along with breathing, working the sides of the back and opening the chest, Pull Straps 1 works to strengthen the Middle back. Think of where the band of your bra (should) go. For the guys reading this, it's where you reach to unhook the bra when you are trying to put your smooth moves to work.

Pull Straps 2: Start with the arms out to your sides in a "T" position, pull out on the straps like you are going to touch the sides of the room and bring your arms back to your sides lifting the chest forward. Pull Straps 2 works on the same elements as Pull Straps 1, but the focus is on the upper back instead if mid. This one puts you in your place;you may think you have strong arms/back/shoulders, but you might as well be a worm trying to do pull-ups.

Want to see a good looking guy doing Pilates? Check it out below.

Side note: how can you not seize the opportunity to get really hands on with your spotting?! I'd be trying to scribble my phone number into the tag of his t-shirt.

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