The Rosetta Stone

Sometimes it can sound like your Instructor is speaking a different language, and sometimes it sounds like they escaped from a psychiatric ward. Either way, the awkward silence and blank stare immediately follow.

In order to bridge the gap between civilian and Pilates speak, we will do a simple word association task. A word or phrase will be presented along with two images: civilian interpretation, Pilates interpretation.

With ever-changing lexicons, this will just be the first go round, and if you have something to add or need me to translate, send it my way.

Let us Begin:




Contrary to popular belief, Criss-Cross does not represent the soundtrack to your childhood, nor does it have anything to do with applesauce.

It is the last exercise in the series of 5. You want a smaller waistline? Put down the Hershey's Kisses and do a few of these. The only thing that should be kissing is your armpit and knee.




No horror movie here, (I could not in good conscience put up a picture for that movie), and definitely no cutting of wood.

Similar to Criss-Cross, this is an exercise that will work your waist. And your hamstrings. And your arms. And your chest. And your upper back. And your shoulders. When performed correctly this a prime example of a full-body exercise with a moment of bliss.

I hope this has clarified any confusion and given you the confidence to proudly execute the exercises on demand.

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