What's your issue?

Take a number. We all got issues. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I ain't nobody and I do got time. (I'm pretty sure I will be given a life sentence from the grammar police for the indiscretions immediately preceding this statement.)

(Potential) grammatical ramifications aside, a majority of the population does have physical "issues" in some form. They can be structural, developmental, situational or in a realm beyond my ability to comprehend. Bottom line, no one is perfect, nor will anyone be perfection.

Let's bring this full circle to Pilates;

Most people look to physical activity as a means to achieve something, Pilates is no exception. My intent in taking up Pilates was about a competition, not about addressing any physical limitations or injuries. It was for the pride of winning a bet.

Welp, the quest for pride is humbling. In taking up Pilates I came to the realization that you have to understand your body to improve it. The scientific factors of chemical compounds and how long I need to exercise to counterbalance the frozen pizza I ate last night is not the basis for understanding in this situation, but how my body can operate in the most efficient manner possible. (Side note: pizza and all things cheese are my lifeblood).

Pilates has informed me that my waist is short, my legs are long, (proportionally speaking), that I am weak in certain areas, that I tend to splay my hips and hold my head up in the manner of a turtle. I've worked with clients who have had limbs re-attached, hip/knee/shoulder replacements, one leg/arm markedly longer than the other, scoliosis and the list goes on.

Our bodies are designed for movement and Pilates celebrates that. It uses movement to develop and showcase the potential of the human body on more than just the physical level. Is my waist still short? Yup. Do I still splay my hips? You bet. Do I still have subconscious desires to be a turtle? No, or it is very rare at best.

Pilates has given me the ability to work with the structure of my body and use the proper muscles and movements to operate this fine piece of machinery. Some days I am an Aston Martin, other days I am a Toyota Tercel that is being held together with zip ties, duct tape and a dream. No matter what the question/issue is, Pilates has an answer.

So, what's your issue?

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