March to the Mecca

This is the second time I am writing this specific post. Not because I didn't like what I initially wrote, but because I managed to accidentally delete every last little bit, with the exception of 'd.'. I pondered posting what was left and letting you guess what words and pictures preceded the remaining letter and punctuation, but I showed some restraint in my frustration. It's not your fault I am technically challenged.

So, we persevere and begin again!

In the past few years March has become a increasingly prevalent month for me. It has always been host to a few birthdays of those that tolerate me, Irish Soda Bread and watching, "The Quiet Man" on St. Patrick's Day, the slow crawl out of the winter, and those will always remain staples on the calendar of my life. What else could bring such meaning to the month of March? I get to combine two of my elective passions: Wine and Pilates! I'm not developing some hybrid form of the method, but it is rather divine intervention that the two overlap.

Let me explain: may or may not know of my enthusiasm for wine, but I am also fortunate enough to be able to participate in selecting wines to be sold at a local wine store, (click here to see which one). You may say, "That's great Annmarie, but what does that have to do with Pilates?". Well, March brings about the big tastings from the distributors, (this is when Rose season officially commences for the 'professionals'), and being that we live in the Northeast, most of the tastings take place in New York City.

Pilates...I hope at this point my love of Pilates has been conveyed, (If not, props to you for stumbling upon this little goldmine of a post!), and for me, the beginning and end of my Pilates world is in New York City at True Pilates New York. I refer to it as, "The Mecca". It is where I spent hundreds of hours learning about Pilates, growing with other trainees, watching the Master Teachers work their magic in the most effortless way possible, and ultimately becoming certified as a Romana's Pilates Instructor. The inspiration and energy is palpable as soon as you walk through the doors and the doorman chuckles, and asks, "Pilates?".

It isn't a difficult journey to get down to New York City in the logistical sense, but it is something that is fairly easy to put on the back burner because of its accessibility. But not in March. I have zero excuse. The tastings generally don't start until sometime between 10-12, which leaves me plenty of time to go take a mat class, (or private lesson if I have become independently wealthy for a moment), catch up with familiar faces in the studio and continue to learn about Pilates as a method. Then, take a shower, (the water pressure is surprisingly phenomenal), and go on to conquer the difficult task of tasting for the store.

The month of March has mutated into a pseudo-destination of enlightenment, spiritual and physical. By no means would I say I am blessed, but would certainly say I am 'blissed'. Both Pilates and wine can bring about a visceral reaction that can't always be put into words. Somethings are better left unsai"d."

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