D. I. Why? (Part 1 of hopefully not more than 3)

Pilates apparatus is expensive. Quality Pilates apparatus is very expensive, and can take up to 4 months to make. Quality used apparatus is slightly less costly, but I'm pretty sure you have to be a member of a secret society to know of anything for sale.

What does one do in this situation where additional apparatus would be beneficial to the clients and the business? Since I decided to burn all of my garbage bags of extra money I had laying around and my application for the secret society was being processed, I thought I'd build it myself. You know, a little D.I.Y. project, fun!

D.I.Y - the initial thoughts that come to mind are the ever-present pinterest 'fails', tv shows, (there is even a DIY channel), or the response to my cries of hunger for a sandwich or snack growing up. I can now add building Pilates apparatus to that list.

Before we embark on the build-it-yourself journey, I need to mention that I NEVER thought I would find another use for my high school lacrosse goggles. They are still as sexy as ever AND they provide ample eye protection in an industrial setting. Kudos to you lacrosse goggles.

After obtaining my initial supplies from amazon and home depot I realized I sent my application to the wrong secret society. (Haha, cracking myself up over here). It was go time, the mat and barrel aren't going to build themselves.

And so it began, a little mark here, a bit of a chop-chop there and they are (kind of) starting to take form. I have been hunkering down in my 'workshop' and somehow I will put the pieces together to at least resemble the apparatus I was trained on and love.

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