Side to Side

As promised, we are delving into the deeper meanings behind the 12 Days of Fitmas, and the 3rd is upon us.

For the third day we received the exercise Side to Side, and one of the main purposes of this exercise is to stretch your loins. Yup.

I was a bit perplexed when presented with this particular explanation. My mind went to two places: A loin cloth, (hence the picture to the right), and Pork Loin, (image below). After getting the initial visuals out of my head, I started to wrap my brain around that it is not to improve swinging from jungle vines or going to the butcher, but stretching the sides of the back and torso. Much less disturbing and peculiar.

I often tell clients that I can teach this exercise all day long, but when it comes down to doing it for myself, it tends to be somewhat difficult. In addition to stretching the loins, it is also a stretch for the hamstrings, (the whole posterior side of the body, really). Because of that reason, and my above average flexibility, I find myself working very hard to feel a stretch of any kind. For others who are considerably tight, in guiding them through a slight motion you can feel the relief of the stretch it provides.

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