Client Questions: Is Pilates Enough?

A question I commonly get asked by clients that are new to Pilates is if it alone is a sufficient form of exercise;will I be able to get/see similar results as if I were to start a routine of running, spinning, playing Quidditch, etc.? I can't say YES! fast enough.

As with most things in life, there are many layers to the answer, but the key element lies within the question itself: routine. Establishing a consistent routine of any sort is the best way to get results.

But that is not the reason why I chose to address this particular question. I bring it up because more often than not I read articles that explicitly say that Pilates alone is not enough, that it only acts as a supplement to existing routines. Oh, so Pilates isn't aerobics? No shit sherlock, (sorry Mom). Good thing Captain Obvious cleared that up, I almost went to mat class wearing my wrist bands, favorite high-cut briefs and suspenders.

Pilates IS enough, and it is also a great compliment to other forms of exercise. I like to think of myself as a prime example of someone who uses Pilates as their primary form of working out. If you know me you most likely are very well aware of my strong aversion to running or going to the gym. Pilates is literally the only form of exercise I have used to "stay in shape" over the last 4-5 years. Do I get up and take my dogs for a walk every morning? Yes. Do I sometimes ride my bike into town when the weather is nice? Yuppers.

Do I love playing Dizzy Bat? HELL YES! While all of these are activities that require physical effort and can be categorized as "exercise", they are not what I turn to when I want to change the way I feel in my body. If I want results I know that Pilates alone is enough.

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