Series of 5 - Double Leg Stretch

Woot, woot! The Series of Five party keeps on rolling. Next up, the Double Leg Stretch and the invincible adrenaline that it creates. It follows the Single Leg Stretch in the Series, and so do the challenges of coordination and focus. It goes a little something like this:

you start on your back, knees hugged into your chest, head lifted looking towards your powerhouse, then extend your arms and legs out without lowering your upper body/head, like a slightly curved line. While effortlessly keeping your limbs floating in air, you circle your arms around towards the side of your body and once they are in a "t" position you simultaneously draw your knees into your chest and return to the ball-shape that began the exercise.

And I forgot to mention, this is a breathing exercise. Soooo, while you are extending and contracting various limbs in multiple directions, you need to coordinate breath to the movements. Inhale as you extend out, exhale and you come in. Again, not rocket science, but takes some getting used to.

Once you've managed to go through the movements without looking like a turtle on its back, you can start to challenge yourself;try and keep the body curled up a little higher, reach the legs out a little lower, squeeze your heels together harder, etc. Yeah, you're getting in a groove, starting to feel a little burn, doing the damn thing! Here's a little snippet of the Double Leg Stretch in action:

The invincible adrenaline has flushed your system. Sure it feels great that you are connecting to deeper muscles, but you aren't even half way through the series. It's too late, you feel untouchable, can't wait to attack the next three exercises in the series and then dominate the remainder of the class.

Hold on to that feeling my friend, because you are going to need it. We have reached the turning point in the series, the Single Straight Leg Stretch. which brings with it the feeling of being a disgruntled teenager.

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