Halfway There

The Single Straight Leg Stretch is the official halfway point of the Series of 5. It is also when the eye-rolls, side glares and grunts of displeasure begin. This exercise manages to embody the attributes of a disgruntled teenager. First up, lets review the exercise itself...

To perform the Single Straight Leg Stretch you are on your back, head and shoulders lifted off the ground, arms stretched up to catch your legs as they scissor back and forth past one another. With each switch of the leg you use your hands to give it a gentle 'pull-pull' and get that nice stretch for the hamstring. Ahhhhh, so relaxing.

Now, back to reality. You are not a happy baby flailing your arms and legs as someone tickles your belly. You are an adult, (of sorts), that is trying to maintain good form and composure. You've been holding your 10 pound noggin up for a few minutes and the burn is being felt, maybe along with some fatigue creeping in.

As the instructor energetically says, "stay lifted', 'lengthen from the hips', 'let your leg reach to your hands", you are transported back to your teenage years. It's like you are hearing, 'clean your room', 'do your homework', 'do you know what time it is?!', 'because I said so'.

Just as you are getting ready to sneak out the window in a bold and deliberate act of defiance, it's time to move on. You come out of the haze of teenage angst just in time for the Double Straight Leg Stretch. Your mind is hoping for resilience, but your body screams resistance.

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